• Jan 02 2019 • By Sean Kelley

    Here we go again, Aimee Smith bringing you the second blog I have written for Car Motivators! First, I want to take this time and thank each of you for all the feedback and support my most recent blog received. I truly appreciate it. Today we are going to talk about a choice we can all make regarding effort, going all in or folding! For some people going all in is a simple mindset to adopt. Others have many reasons, or excuses, for not doing it. Then there are those who flat out won’t do it. I am going to help get you to the point where you are comfortable enough to put all your cards down with complete confidence, and go all in.

    I compare this to a game of poker. You have the cards you have been dealt at random, right? Now, it’s time to decide. You can throw a few chips in, which means you bet you could come out on top, but you’re not 100% confident in the hand you are dealt. You can fold! Simply put your cards down and walk away. No harm no foul. You have wasted no chips, other than your first bid. In this instance, I would consider that to be your time. Finally, you have another choice, to go all in! Put that poker face on and put all your chips in. When you are giving it everything you’ve got for a fact because you are doing all you can, this is a special kind of commitment. When you commit like this, the odds often increase that you will come out on top and win that round! Round being the key word there, because going all in on one round and winning, doesn’t mean that is where you win the game, or where we stop. The game continues. Going all in should not be a one-time thing. This is a mindset you can adopt every single day that can make a massive difference in your success. Now, I want to help you get to that point, so I will share some tips and tricks to help you get there!

    We know each day in the automotive industry brings new challenges. There are always unique obstacles you face which you need to overcome. This is where it becomes crucial to not fold, and go all in. It is no secret that the industry has evolved into a completely different beast than we once knew. Social media and digital marketing have taken over! Most of your customers are shopping and doing hours of scrolling and research to find the best price. They are not driving from dealership to dealership to see what pretty balloons are out or who has the best pink or yellow stickers on windshields. They know what they want, and they know what price they want to pay. This is game time. This is when you make your decision, will you will fold or put it all on the table?

    Going all in here means several things. First, be transparent. Prove to them the reason why your price vs value is the best. Show them the after-purchase programs you offer and what sets your dealership apart from the competition! More importantly, show them why they should buy from you. What sets you personally apart from the competition? Do you want them to be safe and happy without breaking the bank? Are you the one who is a product expert who will make sure the buyer is fully informed? Are you the low-pressure salesperson who is always mindful of their customers needs? Next, build trust with the customer by explaining the process to them up front! Show them how you will take care of them and their family by sharing testimonials from your happy sold customers. Going all in with the tips above will prevent many of your customers from coming to your dealership stressed out and exhausted. When customers do come in and you show this one customer this kind of service, they will come back again. Their families and friends will call you. If you’ve gone all in for them, they will go all in for you! They’ll even post about in on social media, if you ask. Do this every time with every customer and you will not lose. Don’t fold, put all your chips in and be confident.

    I will wrap this up with a few more pieces of advice. Be willing to adapt and change your methods. If you are not comfortable with going all in on something, talk to your manager. In addition, there are many other resources available to help you such as online training, mentorships, coaching, webinars, forums, blogs, vlogs…etc. Going all in also means investing in yourself. Going all in means you step out of your comfort zone and sell your customer the way they want to be sold. Talk to your customer the way they want to be talked to. Disclaimer: Going all in does not mean you will get every sale, every time. That’s ok! I can guarantee that nobody expects that of you. Regardless, going all in is both confidence, and commitment. Even if you’re faking it until you make it. Get your poker face on and no matter what is going through your head when your customer has dozens of questions, price comparisons and test drives, don’t let them see you sweat. You know the vehicle, and the value you bring! You’ve invested in yourself and know the process your dealership has set in place to help you succeed! You know the road to the sale. Your managers and co-workers support you. Go all in, you’ve got this!