Coaching Excellence

Experience how D.R.I.V.EC3 impacts results

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Coaching Excellence

Experience how D.R.I.V.E.C3 impacts results.

Traditional training may be fun, but alone it brings a low return on investment. This is because sales person focused training is only sales person focused. According to NADA, 71% of your sales force will turn over each year. This means 71% of your investment is removed from your dealership within 12 months, leaving nothing behind to show for them after about 15 months.

Another challenge with great training alone, while inspirational, it lacks accountability. Without measurement, focus, and benchmarks for success, training alone does not develop skills. We know how to solve this problem for you. Together we determine critical opportunities for your dealership, then we coach your managers, and sales team to deliver on the metrics that impact the results you need.

Even more, Car Motivators coaching significantly lowers turnover. In a recent case study we reduced turnover by 73%. We do this while simultaneously ensuring the mindset you’ve prioritized becomes woven into the fabric of each employees behavior. Our top down leadership development, D.R.I.V.E.C3 coaching, combined with our front-line, grass roots growth approach, will harness the value of each manager’s capabilities and compound it with every employees potential. This unique approach to business growth ensures excellence becomes the standard of your operation.