Leadership and Sales Training

Expertly aligning your team toward our mutual objective

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Leadership and Sales Training

Expertly aligning your team toward our mutual objective.

Car dealers are familiar with types of traditional sales person focused, off the shelf training. This type of training is usually conducted by sales people who were successful in sales yet didn’t lead dealerships. These training companies are usually in and out of your dealership quickly, and as a result may not create long-term results that foster long-term dealership success.

Sometimes dealers use in house training handled by their managers. While in house training is a best practice, it is challenging to transfer skills because managers are not trained in coaching. Managers train sales people on what worked for them. This type of one size fits all approach to selling only works for sales people that mirror their manager exactly, and is only effective when real life goes exactly as rehearsed.  We know better – That isn’t reality. The glass ceiling on training exists because it is impossible for a manager to train an employee beyond their current skill level.

Car Motivators takes proven selling techniques, combined centuries of leadership experience, a massive library of content, true automotive industry success, and delivers world class customized training that some of the top 100 companies in the world leverage. Car Motivators brings this customized training to your showroom floor in a way that won’t disrupt the flow of business.  We deliver development and coaching your sales people and managers at all levels will enjoy, and also thrive from.