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What is Your One More?

“I want to give a shout out to the car biz coach himself, Sean Kelley #thecarbizcoach, for editing my first blog for me. Check him out at Thank you for being an inspiration, motivator, and by far the best coach in the business.” -Aimee Smith

The automotive industry is a beast of a business. The stress, the hours, the money, the people and the customers are extreme. I think it is safe to say that we all procrastinate, right? Think about it. It’s 8:00 the dealership is closing, and you have been tasked for two more e-mails.” Those can wait until tomorrow, I come in at open anyway. I have one more phone call task to complete. It’s only noon, I will do it before I leave today. I just don’t feel like being on the phone right now.” Does this sound like you? If so, you have a problem. Don’t worry though, I am going to help you fix it. Step by step we are going to make you a complete champion of the internet process.

January 7th, 2018 was the worst day of my life. I will spare the extremely sad parts, but my Grandma who was my whole life lost her battle to Alzheimer’s. The reason I am telling you this is because when we left the nursing home that night, my Grandpa told me one thing that I will never forget. This was so impactful, that I now strive to master this in everyday life. This has proven to be helpful, especially in this industry. He said, “Aim.”, his pet name for me, “You think you have forever, and you just don’t, tomorrow is a myth.” Well hell… alright. As time goes on I start thinking damn, he’s right.

Tomorrow may or may not come, so what can I do today? I work in the best industry, at the best dealership in the world. Surely, I can make something new happen today. Let’s kick things up a notch!
Think about this for a minute. How much do we put off for tomorrow? Do you create a list or set tasks in your phone for tomorrow? Great! This is not a bad thing. However, what if you completed just one more? Which task can you squeeze in 2-5 minutes? Let’s type up that e-mail and see if we can come in tomorrow to an appointment. Make that last phone call and maybe, you will come into a voicemail with questions, and who knows… another appointment. Use today to SET your tomorrow. Is there a new template you want to use for your lease expiration customers? Type it up and send it out. Give yourself a goal and stick to it. Push yourself to send it out to a few customers and see what happens. Then maybe, set up an e-mail blast for tomorrow. This does not only apply to Internet Salespeople. This is how you internet sell! There is a difference. Your BDC team, your sales staff, your managers. Imagine if everyone at your dealership pushed to do just one more thing every day.
Here is the secret to accomplishing this. Have the mindset that tomorrow is not coming. Sure, let’s plan to come into work tomorrow but act as if you must simply get out one more. Push through that long 14-hour day and do one more! One more of anything. An e-mail, a phone call, a ” nice job” to someone on your team. You must make today count. This is how internet sales works. We cannot miss a beat, and every single task counts. The one time we decide we will call them when we get in tomorrow, they drove up to the dealership next door and bought a vehicle.

When it comes to internet leads: These are not leads or customers. These are people.

Let me make this simple. How do you like to be treated? A common answer is usually, “with respect”, am I right? This is how you must treat every single one of your customers. Sometimes, things won’t go as planned, and a customer feels disrespected. When this happens, and they yell and scream, they are just frustrated people! These people are out of time, scared to death of spending money, just as busy as all of us, and what are we asking from them? To them, we are asking the world! They assume at least four hours at the dealership, buying a car they don’t may not want, with money they don’t have and spending too much! Empathize with them, be their friend today. Take the extra two minutes and listen. Try to understand their perspective. This is respect!

This alone can be your “One more”. You can go home and know that you did all you could for your customers. We will get into listening and being their friend more in my next blog. For now, try these steps and I promise, you will see results. If you have questions, let me know. Remember to always ask yourself, “What is my one more?”.

Hey friends! Thanks for reading the first blog I have ever posted! My name is Aimee Smith. I live in Southwest Ohio about 30 miles North of Cincinnati. I work at Borcherding Buick GMC in various departments. I am currently working on revamping Vehicle Exchange and Service BDC. I have been in the sales BDC for the past 3 years and mastered it. I am trying to help my team go to the next level in the industry. You can follow me on my social media. I am on Facebook, snap chat, Instagram and now Tumblr @aceofcars. I look forward to your feedback. Thanks! #coachingthecarbusiness #winningcultures #thisistraining #thecarbizcoach #sales #leadership #leadershipdevelopment #coaching #coachingexcellence