Car Motivators

Coaching the Car Business

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Leadership and Sales Training

Expertly aligning your team toward our mutual objective

Car dealers are familiar with types of traditional sales person focused, off the shelf training. This type of training is usually conducted by sales people who were successful in sales, yet didn’t lead dealerships. These trainers are usually in and out of your dealership as quick as possible, and often do not create long-term results that truly help create long-term dealership success.

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Coaching Excellence

Experience how D.R.I.V.E.C3 coaching impacts results

Traditional training may be fun, but alone it brings a low return on investment. This is because sales person focused training is only sales person focused. According to NADA, 71% of your sales force will turn over each year. This means 71% of your investment is removed from your dealership within 12 months, leaving nothing behind to show for them after about 15 months.

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Winning Cultures

Forge unstoppable champions for every position in your dealership

Well into your development process, after consistent groundbreaking coaching wins, your managers and employees have experienced the value of D.R.I.V.E.C3 coaching. The managers will begin to take the reins and coach the team and each other. This is when you will have created a coaching culture.

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